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answered Ai Weiwei during a speech for his exhibition at Haus der Kunst in Munich. He was asked, how he deals with the situation, when people try to bar him from doing his artwork. ( He survived in a Munich hospital after beeing beaten up by the police in China )

As I could not forget this answer- and saw him a few days later by chance - I asked him to write it down. The picture you see here on the left, is his written version of this phrase. It is a traditional Chinese quotation. Regarding the current situation; I like to broadcast this sentence, as much as possible.

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Chinese: “zhi zu chang le”
English: “if you accept your life, you are always happy”
German: “Akzeptiere was geschieht in Deinem Leben, und Du bist immer glücklich”
Swiss German: “Wennt zfridä bisch mit dem wo isch i Diim Läbe, dä bisch immer glücklich”
Bavarian: "Wannsd dei lebm mogst gfreids di oiwei"
Italian: "Se accetti la tua vita, sarai sempre felice"
French: "Si tu acceptes d'aimer ta vie, tu sera toujours heureux"
Portuguese: "Se você aceita sua felicidade, você está sempre feliz"
Turkish: "Hayatιnι kabul ed ve her zaman mutluluk duyarzιn"
Yugoslavian: "Prihvati svoj Zivot kao sto jeste i bices vecno sretan"
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